Cooperation of the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic with Statistics Norway (SN)

Publications: 14.02.2018

SN has been a long-term partner of NSC KR for over the last 10 years. SN and NSC KR have already finished 3 phases of cooperation over these 10 years.

At present, SN and NSC KR are about to launch the next phase of cooperation for the next three years. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway is the donor of this bilateral cooperation, which provides funds on a grant basis.

In the course of implementation of the next phase of cooperation SN and NSC KR will work closely with two key partners - the State Registration Service (SRS) under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic and Norwegian Mapping Authority (NMA).

The goal of this cooperation is not only to increase the capacity of NSC KR, but also to improve interagency cooperation between the above four main partners.

Partners will work together on the following three main components:

  1. Statistics on maps
  • Create statistics on maps
  • Contribute to the national geodata portal
  • Create advanced analyses based on maps
  1. Quality assurance
  • Establishment of a quality strategy and a quality conscious culture
  • Improve questionnaire design and introduce use of focus groups
  • Improve data processing and editing strategies
  • Ease the burden of response for the respondents
  1. Inter-agency cooperation for data exchange
  • Link statistical business register with administrative register
  • Assess and give feedback on quality of population register. Produce vital statistics based on the register
  • Use the administrative registers in the upcoming census

Ms. Anne Abelseth, country coordinator from SN, was on mission in Bishkek during first two weeks of February to plan activities for the next phase of cooperation and get a relevant Agreement on cooperation signed by top management of NSC KR.


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