# Publications Periodicity Publications Archive
1 Consumer price indices for goods and services to the population Monthly On 12th day after reporting period
2 Education and science in the Kyrgyz Republic Once in 5 years August
3 Environment of Kyrgyz Republic Annual 3 quater
4 Fodder report Annual December
5 Food security and poverty information bulletin of the Kyrgyz Republic Quarterly Оn 60-th day after reporting period
6 Fuel and energy balance Annual December
7 Kyrgyz Republic and regions Quarterly Till 30-th after the report period
8 Microcredit Quarterly, annual отчёттук мезгилден кийинки 50-күнү, 1-апрель
9 Mutual trade in goods of the Kyrgyz Republic with the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union Monthly On 25th day after reporting period
10 Prices in the Kyrgyz Republic (Quarterly) Quarterly On 30th day after reporting period
11 The final report on the size of the area of agricultural crops by regions and districts of the Kyrgyz Republic Annual July
12 The level of poverty in the Kyrgyz Republic Annual June
13 The results of the one-time registration of livestock and poultry for the Kyrgyz Republic Annual March
14 Основные итоги инвестиционной и строительной деятельности Annual September