The launch of the World Bank project on modernization of tax administration and statistical system

Publications: 09.03.2021

In 2020, the International Development Association (IDA), a member of the World Bank Group, had signed the Financing Agreement with the National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic (NSC KR) for the implementation of Tax Administration and Statistical System Modernization Project (TASSMP).

              The TASSMP is an institutional reform project comprising four following components:

  • Component 1: State Tax Service (STS) Institutional Development;
  • Component 2: STS Operational Development;
  • Component 3: NSC KR Institutional Development;
  • Component 4: NSC KR Data Development.
  • Component 5: Project management

              Areas of project support on statistics will include the operationalization of the new Law on Official Statistics and associated regulatory reforms, the digitalization of administrative data, IT modernization, improved interoperability of government systems and streamlining of business process for greater data utilization, as well as improvements in methodologies and capacities to bring NSC services up to international standards

The project had been launched in December 2020. To ensure effective implementation of the Project, the NSC KR had set up a Project Implementation Unit (PMU) comprising of 7 staff members. The PMU will coordinate and support the overall implementation of the Project. The PMU is currently drafting project implementation plan and budget jointly with relevant staff members of the NSC KR.

In addition, the NSC KR shall select a twinning partner (a consortium comprised of private sector consultancies and well-established statistical agencies) through competitive bidding to carry out most of the consulting and training activities based on detailed ToRs prepared by NSC KR.

In this way, the national statistical system of the Kyrgyz Republic will acquire the best possible expertise in a single package. This will help significantly reduce the transaction time and costs. It will also facilitate timely implementation of such a comprehensive and complex project by providing, in a sense, one-stop-shop for expertise. The twinning partnership will also help ensure proper sequencing of project activities

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