National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyz Republic invites users to participate in a survey using an interactive questionnaire

Publications: 07.12.2021

The survey is supposed to be carried out within 30 days (from 11/01 to 12/01 of the current year). The interactive questionnaire consists of 12 questions characterizing the reliability of the provided information, timeliness, what statistical information is more interesting, accessibility, relevance, clarity and simplicity, convenience of information retrieval.

The results of the survey will help to improve the understanding of users' needs, determine the assessment of the activities of the National Statistical Committee and the quality of the information services provided.

This survey will help to employees of the National Statistical Committee to study the preferences of users, improve technologies for the transmission of statistical information and create a convenient format for providing information.

Filling out the questionnaire will take no more than two minutes.

Thanks in advance for your participation, which is anonymous and voluntarily.

Last updating: 07.12.2021, 13:27