Most frequently asked questions about population and housing census

Publications: 20.12.2019

What is the purpose of census?

Census is the only source that allows obtaining characteristics of the population from the respondents without supporting documents. Most importantly, the obtained data is necessary to determine the prospects of socio-economic development of the country.

The results of each census provide opportunity to build demographic, social and economic development forecasts, to take the necessary managerial decisions related to the placement of human resources, to create a budget and allocate necessary funds for health, education, culture and sports. The data obtained during the census affects the construction of infrastructure in cities and regions.


Can the respondents be sure that their data is secure?

All personal data from respondents during the population census are not subject to distribution (disclosure), including submission to state authorities or other organizations, and are used exclusively for forming the final data.

Obligation to ensure the confidentiality of information is provided in the civil law contracts and job descriptions of all campaign members who have access to census sheets. Violation of this rule is subject to liability under the law of the Republic.


Statistical census department e-mail:    tel. + 996 (312) 32 53 36

When using statistical data in mass media and scientific works, and disseminating it in information networks, paper, magnetic and other media, users are obliged to refer to their source (Article 17 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On State Statistics").

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